Having over 10 years of experience regarding our container desiccants, we specialize in providing solutions for moisture problems

About our container desiccants
They are specially engineered to protect cargo from moisture damage by preventing condensation in containers

Humidity disaster: container rain
When containers are moved from a hotter area to a colder area, condensation will occur and causes container rain

Due to container rain, these conditions can occur:

  • Rusty goods & soft, moldy cartons

  • Wooden crates are covered by smelly black molds

  • Inedible, moldy, damp agricultural goods such as coffee, cocoa, and nuts

Does your cargo look like this below after export?

Goods Protected:

Wooden products:
Furniture, timber, wood pulp, and paper goods

Leather goods:
Sofa, footwear, garments, and furniture

Agriculture products:
Tobacco, pepper, wheat flour, spices, coffee, tea, cashew nuts, cocoa, and bagged rice

Electronic goods:
Electrical appliances, printed circuit board, cable, and toys

Metal products:
Sheet, coils, machinery, aluminum fillet, copper product, and auto/spare parts

Garments, batik, and fabrics

Household products:
Melamine, handicrafts, glass ware, polythene, and charcoal

Dry Pole 800
Dry Pole 800
Dry Guard 1000 & Dry Cover 1000
Dry Guard 1000 & Dry Cover 1000
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