Our composite cord strap is the latest development in strapping technology. It consists of the strongest synthetic fibres that are embedded in a polymer coating, and it is not affected by extreme weather such as freeze, sweltering weather, and high humidity

It is used to secure cargoes to prevent cargo damages during export and inland transportation

Benefits of our composite cord strap:
  • As strong as steel
  • Much safer to use than metal straps because it has no sharp edges, whereas metal straps have sharp edges, therefore it does not damage your goods, and metal straps can damage your goods
  • More elastic than metal strap
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Will not rust
  • Does not spring back, whereas steel straps do spring back

It is available in a wide variety of widths and strengths


Composite Cord Strap
Composite Cord Strap
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