What are other alternatives to process wood pallets and paper pallets?

Disadvantages of the alternatives

Aluminium pallet - costly and difficult to repair


Plastic pallet - plastic can take up to 1000 years to break down, and it also has the potential to leak harmful pollutants into the soil. The chemical components of plastic can be absorbed by humans and may lead to negative health effects


Not only that, plastic production uses up a large amount of our fossil fuels. A report based off of 2008 data found that the amount of chemical energy contained in the millions tons of plastics in US landfills was equal to about 37 million tons of coal and that was 9 years ago


If you take a look at the waters of the world, you’ll find that plastic pollution can really wreak havoc on the oceanic ecosystem. Nobody knows this more than our sea turtle friends, where the majority of their population will be injured or killed by plastics in their lifetime. Plastic is often found blocking their breathing passages and stomachs along with doing the same to countless other marine species such as dolphins and whales


Plastic can also break down in the ocean into small particles the size of plankton. These little pieces collect toxins like DDT and PCBs at levels up to a million times the levels found in seawater! These toxins then enter the food chain, when any aquatic life accidentally ingests the plastic, so it might even make its way to you the next time you go to a seafood buffet!

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