Easy & quick to inflate & deflate our dunnage bag

Our inflator features
 A venturi inflator that can swivel 360° for ease of operation
 Pressure control that prevents burst of dunnage bag

Our PP woven dunnage bag features
 Push & lock valve for rapid deflation 
 Consistent internal pressure
 Outer liner of Polypropylene with high strength & inner liner of Polyethylene as dual protection
 AAR Level 1 certified 
 High burst pressure
 Recyclable & reusable
 More durable and more moisture resistant than paper dunnage bag


Outer liner : Polypropylene (PP)
Inner liner : Polyethylene (PE)
Working pressure : 0.2bar / 3.0psi
Places of use : shipping container, inland conveying, & intermodal

Size Selection

Bag Width

Max Gap

24'' (600MM)

8'' (200MM)

36'' (900MM)

10'' (250MM)

40'' (1000MM)

12'' (300MM)

48'' (1200MM)

15'' (400MM)

Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag
Kraft Paper Dunnage Bag
PP Woven Air Dunnage Bag
PP Woven Air Dunnage Bag
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