Just like Silica Gels, Axport Solution manufactures and develops active sorbent to fulfill the demands from various markets and applications. With the experience, knowledge and effeciency that we have for our anti-moisture products and the support from the whole team of managements, sales and distributors, customer service and superb technical team, you will find that we are at our best.

Why Choose Us?

  • Does your cargo look like this while export to Oversea?
  • Millions of dollars are spent on protective packaging, coating, silica gels, desiccant clay that often do not solve problem.
  • Our Container Dry is based on proven ability of Calcium Chloride to agressively remove moisture from the air inside the container.
  • The cheapest and save solution to ensure your cargo is safe to export to oversea.
  • Our Container Dry is environmentally friendly which is made only from PE plastic, non woven and salt, which are non-toxic and recyclable.

Humidity Disaster:

Whenever goods are moved from a hot climate to a cooler climate, condensation will occur and cause container rain. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. When warm air cool down it becomes more humid and the air will reach the dew point and the water will condense. This is when mold, fungus and mildew occur; thousand of cargoes suffer damage by moisture.
  • Metal cargoes arrive rusted or oxidized, carton soft and moldy. 
  • Wooden crates are found covered by smelly black mold.
  • Containers of coffee, cocoa, nuts and beans arrive dripping with damp, moldy and inedible.

Goods Protected:

Wooden Products :
Furniture, timber, wood pulp and paper products.

Leather Goods:
Sofa, footwear, garments and furniture.

Agriculture products:
Tobacco, pepper, wheat flour, spices, coffee, tea, cashew nuts, cocoa, bagged rice.

Electronic goods:
Electrical appliances, printed circuit  board, cable, toys etc

Metal Products:
Sheet, coils, machinery, aluminum fillet, copper product, auto/spare parts.

Garments, batik and fabrics.

Household products:
Melamine, handicrafts, Glass ware, polythene and charcoal.

Dry Pole 800
Dry Pole 800
Dry Guard / Cover 1000
Dry Guard / Cover 1000
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